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Terms of Service

last modified: 12/1/2006

01. We will pay you 50% (fifty percent) of Net Revenues. "Net Revenues" are total monies paid for subscription whom you send to a ThickCash site, less the processing charges from CCBill. Payment will be made by check in US Dollars weekly on Mondays.

There is a minimum balance of $25.00 needed before CCBill will cut a check. Balances under $25.00 are rolled over to the next pay period.

02. You will be paid directly by CCBill. CCBill stats, including check payment history can be seen here:

03. You must be of legal age of 18 (21 in some areas) to join and promote ThickCash.

04. Only one account is allowed per company or organization without prior consent.

05. E-mail promotion of any kind is strictly prohibited!

06. Taking content from our members only areas without prior consent is strictly prohibited!

07. ThickCash does not accept webmasters using non adult free or paid hosting.

08. ThickCash reserves the right at our sole discretion to deny admittance into our program for any reason including but not limited to using illegal and/or questionable content, applicant is located in a high fraud area.

09. ThickCash reserves the right to terminate any affiliate account if it is idle for more than 30 days. In such cases you will be notified.

10. ThickCash reserves the right to cancel any or all of the available programs at any time, without prior notification. In this event, all owed balances will be paid in full.

11. ThickCash will not be held responsible for loss due to downtime resulting from complications with hosting equipment or technical errors.

Traffic Generation
You may generate traffic by any method that is not in violation of the terms herein. Sending hits from URL's containing and/or that promote the following content, programs or linking practices including but not limited to child pornography, bestiality, warez, newsgroup postings, spam emails, mp3, unlicensed content and/or any other content at our sole discretion we deem illegal or unethical.

Available Programs
All Affiliates earn 50% of all subscription sales they refer including recurrings for the life of the membership.

Tracking Codes
After signing-up through CCBill, you will receive a unique affiliate ID number, something like 123456. This is your tracking number that must be in any referral links to ThickCash so that CCBill can track your referrals and sales.

A sample affiliate link to our sites would be:
You would replace the CCBILL_CODE with your affiliate identification number. This tracking link can be attached to graphics, banners, and any text link you desire.

Payment Methods
ThickCash uses a third party, CCBill, for the administration of its affiliate program. CCBill automatically handles affiliate registrations, calculations, and payments. We selected their service because of their outstanding reputation and experience, and so you would know that a third party is responsible for ensuring you are promptly paid all owed commissions. All funds are paid by check and issued in U.S. dollars.

How Do I Check The Amount Of Traffic / Sign-Ups I have Sent?
CCBill stats can be checked by clicking HERE. All stats are in real-time.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us
webmaster at

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